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AQUARIUM + ALKALINE Drinking Water Combo R/O Filter System + DI Resin 1-70DIALK

AQUARIUM + ALKALINE Drinking Water Combo R/O Filter System + DI Resin 1-70DIALK

AQUARIUM + ALKALINE Drinking Water Combo R/O Filter System + DI Resin 1-70DIALK   AQUARIUM + ALKALINE Drinking Water Combo R/O Filter System + DI Resin 1-70DIALK
AQUARIUM + ALKALINE Drinking Water Combo R/O Filter System + DI Resin 1-70DIALK. Filter Systems Australia is a leading supplier of domestic and commercial water filtration solutions. Our own range of water filter systems is created here in Australia and we have carefully selected only the highest quality products to provide you with the best solutions for all your water filtration needs. We are proud to provide competitive pricing and our team are always happy to share their extensive knowledge and experience. When you request a free Personalise Home Water Filter Assessment you will receive a prompt personalised recommendation on the best water filter system for your home.

Why Choose Filter Systems Australia. We have a wide range of high quality water filtration systems, water filters and filtration components including leading water filtration solutions such as reverse osmosis water filters and ultraviolet sanitation. We provide same day dispatch, and competitive pricing as a direct importer of the highest quality products and our own range made right here in Australia.

You can even order a water analysis online! Our team are passionate about water filters. With over 45 years of experience across our team, we specialise in problem water treatment, water testing, water treating and maintenance for at home use, aquarium industries, farming industries & commercial businesses. In cases where a PO box, Parcel locker or any other Australia Post Service is provided, we will have to use Australia Post who have a wider range of parcel restrictions.

Filter Systems Australia enforces strict dispatch protocols to avoid human error where possible. Orders are thoroughly checked and signed off, carefully packed to minimise chance of transit damage then recorded manually into a hard copy dispatch manifest. All orders MUST be checked for damage within 48 hours of being signed for as delivered (based on tracking details). Please note that the above estimates are taken directly from Australia Posts Business Customer Information.

If you require your item ASAP this is something you should select. Only provide an ATL on orders when there is a safe place for items to be left. We work with food grade certified materials that must be un-opened and un-used as to meet the conditions of resale.

You will receive a credit of equal amount, less the cost we incurred to send the item OR 20% of the item/order cost - whichever is greater. All orders MUST be checked for damage within 48 hours of receiving the parcel as stated from the tracking information provided from the courier/post company. As per Australian Plumbing Codes, all systems must be installed by a qualified plumber. Filter systems must be maintained as per FSA recommendations including the use of replacement filters, fittings and components supplied by FSA. Filtration systems must be fitted with the supplied Pressure Limiting device to limit the pressure to 500 kPa or lower. Any contract of sale, order, or quotation made or accepted by or on behalf of Filter Systems Australia is subject to these terms and conditions of sale. Filter Systems Australia warrants each new product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of retail sale established by the date of the original invoice issued by FSA. Any damage caused during or as a result of transit will not be the responsibility of FSA. The date and by whom the product was installed.

The location where the product was installed. The date and time the product first appeared to malfunction. The nature of the problem with the product. The date and time of any and all loss event/s.

The date and time Filter Systems Australia was first notified of the product malfunction. Product damage results from water hammer, freezing, neglect or is not installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with the installation plan. The water temperature exceeds 38° Celsius. The system is not installed with an Australian Standards approved Pressure Limiting and Dual Check Valve. You can do so by clicking here.

WATER TEST METERS & EQUIP. NOTE: The diverter valve supplied with this unit suits MOST common standard kitchen taps. If you have a tap with a thread of less than 22mm it WILL NOT fit. HOWEVER, if this is the case You can use one of the alternative fittings supplied with this kit which allows it to be connected to an outdoor 3/4" thread OR the Laundry water inlet (3/4") this is usually the most preferred method of using this system.

PLEASE ensure that you have checked your thread before ordering. Stage 1: Inline GAC Filter (6 months) Stage 2: 50GPD Asprin Reverse Osmosis Membrane (1-4 Years) Stage 3 Aquarium: Purolite DI Resin (6-12 months) Stage 3: Drinking: pH Neutral Carbon Calcite Filter (12 months). FSA Combination Drinking & Aquarium Filter. Yes there are cheaper systems on the market to produce DI quality water for your aquarium.

However when you look closely at these systems you will note the following. 1/ Small DI canisters which hold very little DI resin, Di resin expires fairly quickly particularly on high TDS water like Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. The higher the TDS the higher the residual percentage of TDS left by the RO. The higher the residual, the harder the DI works, and quicker it expires. Our system holds 350gm of nuclear grade Purolite resin the best in the world. Most other system are only offering less than 200 grams. We are constantly asked for and RO that is suitable for drinking and aquarium water. This hasn't been possible until now.

DI resin removes the mineral content back to Zero which is great for the fish but not so good for your health. When the DI removes the residual mineral which include natural pH buffers, the pH of the water plummets to below acceptable levels for drinking water. For example the pH after RO and DI can be as low 6 ph or even lower pending temperature etc.

Basically this water is acidic and not suitable to prolonged use for drinking water. There has been a lot said about drinking acid water some of which you can read on our listing for the 6 stage Shuttle RO system or our 7 stage system. We have build this system to accommodate both needs, safe drinking water and or DI (mineral free) water for aquarium use.

We use the highest quality components including Purolite DI nuclear grade resin, and the new and exclusive GT6-18LS pH neutralising cartridge for safe drinking water. It's as simple as switching taps so for a few extra dollars you have two filter systems in one. Dual Purpose Water Filter - Drinking + Aquarium Use. Provides either pH Neutral Healthy Drinking Water.

OR De-Ionised (mineral Free) Water for Aquariums. Portable Design - Connects to Kitchen Tap, Laundry Or Outdoor Tap. Ultraviolet Replacement Thimble - Suit 7-2K Systems (7-2K-Thimble). Bulk Pack 200x Male to Male Nylon Joining Nipples With O-Rings. Suitable for connecting 3/4 port housings together (19-34G).

Ultraviolet Lamp - Suit 7-13UVG Systems (7-13G-Lamp) 4 Pin 75W 840mm 11074. Join now to receive latest updates & exclusive offers from Filter Systems Australia.

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  1. Product Type: Water Filter
  2. Exact Type: Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
  3. Model: GT1-70DIALK
  4. Filtration Method: Reverse Osmosis
  5. Type: Portable/Travel Filter
  6. MPN: GT1-70DIALK
  7. Brand: Filter Systems Australia

AQUARIUM + ALKALINE Drinking Water Combo R/O Filter System + DI Resin 1-70DIALK   AQUARIUM + ALKALINE Drinking Water Combo R/O Filter System + DI Resin 1-70DIALK