Reverse Osmosis System

New Mikro Psi 4-Stage Portable Aquarium RO/DI System complete reverse osmosis

New Mikro Psi 4-Stage Portable Aquarium RO/DI System complete reverse osmosis

New Mikro Psi 4-Stage Portable Aquarium RO/DI System complete reverse osmosis    New Mikro Psi 4-Stage Portable Aquarium RO/DI System complete reverse osmosis

Mikro Psi 4-Stage Portable Aquarium RO/DI System. Filter media / resin for tanks. PH Filter / Acid Neutralizers. Abundant Flow Water Systems Inc.

Specializes in a full line of water treatment solutions. We provide solutions for residential applications, commercial, and hobbiest.

Anything from portable systems and filters, accessories and parts all they way to whole house treatment both point of entry and point of use. Reverse osmosis, water softeners, iron filters, UV filters, and special and custom filter systems. We also do light commercial systems. We believe in providing the quality water you deserve at a price you can afford! Your 100% satisfaction is our number one goal.

Abundant Flow Water started in 1998 with a strong belief in upholding Christian values, sharing the love of Jesus, and providing a positive, satisfying customer experience. Member of the Water Quality Association and Better business bureau. Provides 99.9% pure water. Compact size great for on the go!

Includes pre-assembled system with filters, flow restrictor, quick-connect SNAP adapter, color coded tubing, and installation/maintenance manual. All components, including the filters and membrane, are NSF certified for the highest quality system.

Stage 1 - Inline sediment filter removes particulates, sand, and sediment Stage 2 - Inline GAC filter removes tastes, odors, and chemicals to help purify water and prolong membrane life Stage 3 - Thin film composite (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane, purifies the water removing 90-95% of contaminates Stage 4 - Mixed Bed Inline De-ionization filter - removes remaining contaminates, providing 99.9% effective contaminate removal. Connection options available (see "Options" tab to choose): SNAP Adapter (included) - Adapter kit allows for quick snap on connection to most standard faucets Garden Hose Connector (optional) - Simple connector fits standard garden hose thread Undersink Kit (optional) - Kit includes feed water adapter and drain saddle valve for more permanent installation under your sink. Color coded tubing and detailed instructions make installation simple! Regulates waste water, providing proper pressure against the membrane to ensure high efficiency. Prevents water from pushing back through the membrane and down the drain, reducing waste.

High Quality Standard Size Inline Filters. High quality NSF certified inline filters in standard 10 size with quick-connect fittings for easy filter changes. (See additional options for purchasing additional filter sets).

We use high quality TFC membranes in our RO system for consistently pure water (membrane upgrades available). Paying for distilled water can get expensive, not to mention the hassle of transporting it or running out. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane removes 95-97% of water contaminates, providing high quality water and doing most of the purification. The DI (de-ionization) filter removes 99% of contaminates, and when coupled with RO, provides 99.9% effective contaminate removal.

Since the membrane provides long lasting purification, and the DI filter provides high purity filtration, coupling the two treatment processes together allows for lower filter cost than DI only systems and higher purification that RO only systems. Featuring three stages of filtration, this system is ideal for apartments, cabins, campers, and people on the go.

This system can be taken anywhere that you need pure water and can be used on the go. The system can deliver up to 75 gallons for pure water a day... Or 3 gallons per hour. The Reverse Osmosis membrane lasts an average of 2 to 4 years and the carbon and DI filter should be changed annually. The unit comes complete with an in-line carbon filter, a 75 GPD TFC (Thin Film Composite) RO membrane, in-line DI filter, flushing flow restrictor, and faucet adaptor.

Also included are 5 feet of each color tubing red for supply water, yellow for waste water, and blue clean water... 15 total feet of tubing, and instructions. System utilizes quick connect fittings to make replacing filters quick and simple. Our systems are quality made in the USA using NSF certified components, so high quality is assured.

We are here to assist you and customize all of your specific needs. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. So we will do what it takes to make sure you are happy with your order. That starts before the sale and lasts as long as you have your water system.

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New Mikro Psi 4-Stage Portable Aquarium RO/DI System complete reverse osmosis    New Mikro Psi 4-Stage Portable Aquarium RO/DI System complete reverse osmosis