Reverse Osmosis System

SimPure Q3-600 Reverse Osmosis Tankless Drinking RO Water Filter System Purifier

SimPure Q3-600 Reverse Osmosis Tankless Drinking RO Water Filter System Purifier

SimPure Q3-600 Reverse Osmosis Tankless Drinking RO Water Filter System Purifier   SimPure Q3-600 Reverse Osmosis Tankless Drinking RO Water Filter System Purifier
SimPure Q3-600 Tankless Reverse Osmosis System Under Sink With. RO Drinking Water Filter System Purifier, Ultra Safe 7-Stage.

2:1 Pure to Drain, Reduce TDS. No Need To Wait For First Glass Water. 7-Stage Tankless Reverse Osmosis System.

SimPure Q3-600 is a newest generation RO water filtration system. With 7 Stage filtration, it can convert your tap water into pure and healthy drinking water by removing 99.99% of the 1,000+ contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals (PFOA/PFOS, Pharmaceuticals), heavy metals (Lead, Arsenicetc), chlorine, TDS (fluoride, nitrates/nitrites) and etc. SimPure high-efficiency RO Filter removes contaminants 0.0001 microns or greater in diamete. This tankless RO water filter system is equipped with SimPure exclusive reverse osmosis membrane, so the TDS Removal Rate can reach up to 95%+. Unlike other traditional RO systems that need to flush 30-60s before use, Q3-600 RO system has a new technology that ensures the first glass of water has a very low TDS and an excellent taste, no need to flush, which extends the lifespan of filters and save your water bills.

600 GPD & 2:1 Pure to Drain Ratio. Q3-600 offers faster flow-600 gallons per day and upgrades the water-saving technology with a drain ratio of 2:1. Dispensing 2 cups of pure water will produce only 1 cup of waste water.

Compared to traditional RO water purifiers, the Q3-600 RO system saves 800% more water. Note that all RO systems will produce waste water to discharge impurities. You can use waste water to mop the floor, wash your car, do laundry, etc.

12 Months+ Filter Service Life, Cost Effective. The service life of CF filter is 6-12 months, the service life of RO filter is 12-18 months The actual lifespan depends on the original water quality and daily usage.

, only costs 0.2 dollars per day. The rated produce filtered water is 4000L, but in our laboratory, after produce 7200L filtered water, the TDS removal rate is still 95%+. The purified water of CF and RO filter is equal to 12,000+ bottles water (the bottle is 11.2 oz). Say goodbye to the bottled water. It adopts tankless design, which can save up to 70% of your under sink space.

It will be much easier and more convenient to install, ready to use within 30 minutes. Also you can get rid of the water tank, avoid the secondary pollution. It supplies you 24/7 fast and stable flow purified water, never need to wait. Seattle, WA USA, SimPure dedicated in providing world-class quality of water filtration solutions.

Please contact our trained water specialists. And is available to answer any questions during the life of the product. SimPure is specializing in creating ergonomically designed, efficient household filtration, and purification systems. SimPure technology focuses on water purification products for more than 15 years, we are trustworthy and reliable.

3/8 PE Tubing (White, Blue). SimPure believe that bright futures for humanity begin with clean water, and we have made it our mission to provide that. In short 10 years, successfully among the world leaders in membrane application, and proudly passed ISO9001, CE, FDA, and NSF certification early in 2013. SimPure believes in a minimalist lifestyle, and we are committed to making it easy for you to get a clean, comfortable, and safe home without saddling your family with complicated technology.

Maximum Flow Rate : 600 GPD (600 Gallons Per Day). Pure to Drain Ratio : 2:1. Number of filtration : 7 Stage. Power Requirements : 100-240 Volts, 60Hz, AC. Feed Water Type : Tap water or Well water.

Filtration Precision : 0.0001 microns. Replacement filter : CF:6-12 months, RO:12-18 months. Dimensions : 13.5" x 12" x 6.5. Advanced composite filters remove up to 99.99% of 1000+ contaminants, like large particles, odor, lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, heavy metals, TDS and organics. Supplying you spring-fresh and healthy water.

Solve The Problem Of First Cup Water. After research, for the most RO systems, the first cup of water next day is harmful and unhealthy. Q3-600 adopts exclusive technology, which makes the first cup water has a very low TDS with great taste. No need to flush for the first cup water, you can get pure water anytime without waiting.

Advanced 600GPD ro membrane offering a fast and stable water flow. It produces 0.42 gal of pure water per minute, which is 1.5 times more than ro system 400GPD.

Q3-600 ro system can fill a 8 oz cup in 8 seconds. 2:1 Pure To Drain Ratio. Q3-600 has a latest upgrade 2:1 pure to drain ratio.

Dispensing 2 cups of pure water, Q3-600 will produce only 1 cup of waste water, but traditional ro sytems with 1:4 pure to drain ratio will produce 8 cups of waste water. It adopts tankless design, which saves 70% space of undersink and produces pure water on demand without waiting, also eliminates the need for the water storage tank, which avoiding secondary pollution and easier to install. Say Goodbye To Bottled Water. The CF and RO filter can produce 4000 L pure water, which equal to 12,000+ bottled water (the capacity of bottle is 11.2 oz).

It's eco-friendly and say goodbye to plastic bottles. Replacement Filter Cartridge For SimPure Q3-600. 1 Year Set - 2 CF+RO. 2 Year Set - 4 CF+2 RO.

3 Year Set - 6 CF+3 RO.
SimPure Q3-600 Reverse Osmosis Tankless Drinking RO Water Filter System Purifier   SimPure Q3-600 Reverse Osmosis Tankless Drinking RO Water Filter System Purifier